Our Aims

We at Sapien Medicine seek to provide a means whereby everyone can get the treatments they deserve without the prohibitations of cost. We beleive it is your right to experience all that life has to offer in the fullest of health.

Our Values

We value you, you are important to us.
At Sapien Medicine we will treat you with the utmost respect and cater to any of your needs, While this can be considered 'Fringe Science' you at least deserve to have to option of it.


About Us

Sapien Medicine was formed after years of personal and group research into this field. It all started with an experiment in the 1800s where some researchers had measured the energy and vibrational (hz) frequencies of a young boy, then replaying these same frequencies into an older gentleman, over a few days they noticed his body functions such as hormones etc started mimicking that of the younger boy. This was the original seed of this research. Of course this type of research would never go mainstream as cooperations would stand to lose millions of dollars, We at Sapien Medicine will always try to provide you with the best advancements in this technology as long as we are not forced out of business by those who feel threatened.

We do not promise to cure you of your disease, but we do promise to offer you our best work possible so that you can have a better quality of life after your treatments.